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Tanks? No t(h)anks! Let’s talk utilities...

We‘re often asked of our amenities, prices, or our fishing, but we also get to prove our value to you in a different way. By talking about bathwater!

All humans have consumption, and the waste from our RVs and cottages has to go somewhere. Gone are the days of cesspools and outhouses, as too many lakeshore developments have been proven to feed algae blooms. Algae and plankton feed off phosphates in our cleaning products and fertilizers that too often find their way into ground water, already ruining many central Alberta lakes.

Tanks? Cisterns?

To run a bath or simply water your lawn needs planning when you’re in a rural setting. Most of our land competitors in Alberta gently mention there are facilities nearby, or trucks that will service your needs. What isn’t mentioned is the after-the-sale ownership costs of creating and maintaining this utility.

If you presently have municipally supplied utilities you likely take your unlimited supply for granted. Like Red Sky Joussard, there‘s likely a maze of infrastructure to get your treated water to your bathtub. Then another maze to get your waste far away from you.

In absence of this, people install tanks in the ground. With average install costs of over $20,000, you need to install a water tank and pressure pump with a fixed quantity for you to try to conserve - after you’ve paid a truck to deliver it to you. Your waste, like your RV, is in a stinky nearby tank waiting to be vacuumed out and hauled offsite by a honey wagon for an additional charge.

Another scary drawback to tanks, especially with high water tables near a lake, is that an empty tank wants to float. Like a beachball under water, an emptied tank often raises towards the ground’s surface over time creating ongoing costs to maintain this smelly tank.

Pipes and tubes

Your Red Sky lot will include access to an underground network of over 2km of PVC pipe that supplies tested, treated water from the NEW county water treatment plant. The neighbourhood shares a single water meter and disperses the bi-monthly bills in a small annual fee to the owners. This 1” poly line will fill pools, bathtubs and hot tubs limitlessly without ever worrying whether your tank will run out on the long weekend.

Much like a waterslide tube, your lot will have access to the nearly 2km of Red Sky wastewater piping to carry your bath water to a shared lift station pump. This grinder pump pushes all our neighbourhood waste water to the county lagoon 5km away for treatment. The sewer pump power and piping maintenance costs are shared by all owners included in the annual $450 condo fee. Below are some photos of our waste water slip-n-slide deep under the road;

Light me up!

Power is a necessity. Our gadgets, our heat sources, and our cooking rely so much on our power grid. Each Red Sky Lot has a 100 amp power feed dedicated to you, with the option to upgrade to a 200 amp should you have some mansion ideas.

Dare to compare! Some Alberta lakes in a rural setting belong to an REA, which is a rural association that owns the poles and lines. There can be additional surcharges to your bill for usage or large connection costs. We also are buried completely underground so there’s no worries of unsightly lines, poles, or ice storms and falling trees creating an outage when you’re not at the lake.

Snow? Not again!!...

Snow brings out some of the best at Red Sky Joussard! With thousands of acres of crown land to snowmobile the last thing you need is to spend your winter weekends working with a shovel.

Because we are zoned for full time living, the county provides snow plowing to nearby Peace River Avenue as a school route priority. Our condo board has an annual agreement with the county to plow our internal roadways (included in your condo fees) so that you’ll have easy access to your cabin driveway year round.

With a stack of local Red Sky retired residents, all battling with plows, ATVs with blades, and machines of all descriptions, we’d be happy to put you in touch with a fellow owner that will plow your lot for you. Or mow your summer grass for you too!

Why wait??

All we‘re missing at Red Sky is you and yours. If you’re interested in a site tour please come before the end of March to see the ice fishing town of Joussard north on the lake! Or come in advance of the May long weekend to begin planning your summer with us, and then off season sale incentives and discounts will also apply!

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