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Outdoor Adventures are waiting!

Often we are asked at trade shows about where our photos come from, and if ATVs are allowed. As longtime residents, we too often take it for granted, and want to share wilderness with you. Unlike central Alberta, vast tracts of boreal forest around Lesser Slave Lake have never been developed, and crown land remains accessible to all for year round enjoyment.

Let’s talk statistics!

Lesser Slave Lake is over 1200 square km, with over 250km of shoreline...but less than 1/5 of that is owned. This leaves you giant stretches of water and shoreline to explore alone and call your own with no fears of trespassing. With over 100 water inlets from 12,000 square km of watershed, the lake is always flushed and fresh. Many of these rivers can be explored, adding to your adventure opportunities if the lake fish aren’t biting today.

Crown land for the win!

As a landowner in Red Sky Joussard you can use ATVs and snowmobiles anywhere in the county, or the project. Most owners leave on day trips from their doorsteps and there are thousands of km of nearby backroads, cutlines and trails to explore. Below is a screengrab from the BackRoad MapBook for south of Joussard, with a maze of resource roads that can take you far into the wilderness. From the headwaters of the South Heart and Driftpile Rivers, into the Swan Hills boreal forest, you will never see it all but we’d love to see you try!

Beaches? Yes please!

The mighty power of Lesser Slave Lake moves sand and rocks each and every day with waves and ice heaves. Our favourite beach is a natural sand peninsula 1.5km west of Red Sky Joussard. There are many other shoreline treasures and historical sites to access by the water, such as a 100+ year old RCMP post along the old north shore Grouard trail - long since abandoned to be swallowed back by nature.

Hunting and wilderness!

The Lesser Slave region is at the heart of a massive boreal forest. You can find roaming herds of Elk, large deer and moose populations, and endless diversity of landscapes. Our families and Red Sky owners cherish the memories made in the wild outdoors, and we would love to show you around!

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