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Dreaming Of Building A Lake Home?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Thinking of building your dream lake home? There are lots of routes you can take depending on your budget and your personal preferences. More and more ready-to-move options, home-kits, and custom lake home building products have been introduced year upon year. Your challenge is to focus on your dream and what that entails.

Ready-to-move Homes - What's Available?

Prefabricated homes are the latest rage. Although there have been pre-fab homes available for purchase for decades, the latest product offerings are quite unique and in tune with the demands of today's sophisticated market. The following are examples of pre-fab homes:

Manufactured Homes - previously known as mobile homes. Steel construction created on an assembly line. These are more traditional pre-fab homes.

Modular housing, on the other hand, is considered manufactured housing's higher-class sibling and is associated more with the "prefab" trend. Modular homes consist of units or modules that are constructed in factories and joined together on site; they often use costlier materials and are bigger than manufactured homes. Plus, modular housing offers many more customization options, including pricey upgrades like granite countertops and personal touches like antique tile flooring.

Panel Construction. A subset of modular housing is panelized and precut homes -- but sometimes modular housing is considered the subset of panelized and precuts, depending on whom you ask. The walls of panelized homes are constructed in factories and shipped to the site, much like rooms are shipped in modular housing. Precut homes have separate units joined together on-site, but the homes are much more structured, designed like puzzles that fit together in a unique order, rather than the à la carte construction method of modular housing. Log homes usually fall into the panelized or precut category.

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Dreaming Of A Lake Home?

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